Lightroom Training


Lightroom  Training Sessions 

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Lightroom is an amazing tool that will help you organize, optimize and share your photos. The more photos you deal with, the more you need Lightroom because it can speed up your workflow and help you manage and edit vast amounts of photos, quickly and easily.

These classes will guide you the through the fundamentals of lightroom workflow utilizing a hands-on approach with control group images in small sessions.  Recommended for beginner to intermediate users of Lightroom 4/5. 

**A laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom 5 or higher installed is required for this class.

LR Library Module: importing, organizing and exporting images

Learn the essentials of the Library module in Lightroom from importing to working with catalogues and collections to keywording and organizing. These techniques are the foundation of everything you do in Lightroom, and this course will show you how to take control of your lightroom workflow .

Topics will include:

– Where to store your photos and what backup strategy is right for you.
– All the options on the import dialog.
– DNG files and why they exist.
– Exporting as JPGs.
– Watermarking your photos
– Organizing, Rating, Flagging and Labeling your photos.
– Saving your favorites into a collection
– Smart Collections
– Stacking similar photos
– Organizing Keywords
– Searching for photos.
– Backing up your catalog
– Customizing

LR Develop module: Post processing and image adjustment

Although Lightroom is an awesome file management tool and database, the magic really happens for
photographers in the Develop module. Here is where you adjust tone and color, crop, straighten, fix perspective, convert to black and white, reduce noise,sharpen and more.

Topics will include:

-Cropping and straightening photos
-Fixing perspective with the new Upright tool
-Adjusting color and tone
-Reducing noise, sharpening
-Targeting edits with the adjustment brush
-Using the radial and graduated filters
-Applying the spot removal tool
-Correcting for lens and camera distortions
-Portrait processing techniques
-Landscape processing techniques